Your own BI assistant at hand


Anyone who is familiar with Excel can create any kinds reports with FineReport


15-year digging into Business Intelligence, FineReport is here to help

FineReport-professional BI tool

Polishing, for a better FineReport

Fully based on customers' needs

  • Complex Report

    Variable data processing

  • Data Entry

    Data validation / Multiple data reporting methods

  • Interaction analysis

    HTML5 chart / Linkage / Multiple data interaction and drilling

  • Customization

    Multiple data interface / Plug-in development and application

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile terminal integration / Self-owned APP

  • Permission Contorl

    SSO / Group permissions and other different permissions

  • System Management

    Log monitoring / User management / Scheduled reports / Report management

  • Import and Export

    Supports import and export of all file formats and various printing methods

  • Design Patterns

    Excel-like designer / Remote design / Collaboration

  • Data Support

    Common database / BI multidimensional database / Class tabledata / Fill and report


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